Critical Acclaim

“He presents a tall, dignified and stately podium presence with a quite clear beat, a good sense of shaping melodic lines, and an all-business attitude that focused on the music without any histrionics.”

-Herman Trotter
  Buffalo News

“Through smart programming capable of engaging audience interest and challenging the musicians at the same time, Matthew Kraemer has shone a light on the path forward for the almost 34-year-old orchestra after just two seasons as the ICO’s third music director.”

                                                                                                -Jay Harvey

“Matthew Kraemer, the orchestra’s associate conductor, conducted with dash and excitement. The Kabalevsky just about jumped off the stage, with its high-volume thrills. The Prokofiev, full of solos from various orchestra members, was engrossing and affecting. Kraemer paced it beautifully.”

-Mary Kunz Goldman
  Buffalo News

“Associate conductor Matthew Kraemer led with a strong sense of rhythm and a keen ear for colorful instrumental combinations- two elements of great importance in the Spanish repertoire…Kraemer put what can seem like a fragmented score together into a complete, coherent work that made sense musically and dramatically.”

-Lee Teply
  Virginia Pilot

“Kraemer impressed with his noticeably clean, clear, concise baton and energized sense of interpretation. From the very start of the Beethoven Egmont Overture to the rousing conclusion of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7, there was a degree of excitement and spirit that transcended the ordinary interpretation.”

-John Shulson
  Virginia Gazette

“He brought a sure, consistent, impressively mature hand to this oft played overture, leaving it impeccably rendered and seemingly newly minted.”

-Jack Neal
  Nevada Events

“…he showed flair and confidence on his first time in this setting. He has a deep voice and clear diction, both of which made him easy to listen to. Kraemer also did well in introducing each piece with short explanations.”

-Elaine Guregian
  Akron Beacon Journal

“His conducting of this work was young, fresh, and bright. It lent a beautiful touch to an already magnificent piece.”

-Bruce Bossie
  North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

“…the polonaise was played with such finesse by the musicians of the VSO under the steady hand of Matthew Kraemer, the assistant conductor of the orchestra. His clear beat and baton technique heralded the promise of good performances to come.”

-Tom Steel
Gloucester-Mathews Gazette

“I was really impressed by how you handled the concert on such short notice. I can honestly say this because I thought you did an outstanding job on Eventide. Thank you! It was a really lovely and expressive performance of a piece that requires some nuance.”

-Kenneth Fuchs

“Matt Kraemer’s unexpected debut with the Virginia Symphony last week didn’t garner quite as much attention (as Leonard Bernstein’s with the New York Philharmonic), but it also can be labeled a resounding success.”-

David Nicholson
  Daily Press

“In short, it was a delightful and appropriate pairing of soloist and orchestra, with Menzel’s music director Rob Mounsey sharing an easy onstage rapport with her and Matthew Kraemer confidently wielding the conductor’s baton.”

-Jeffrey Ellis
  BWW Reviews

“Both Kraemer and his musicians were meticulous and detailed. Each of the five movements was delicately expressed and the musician’s responses and focus on the maestro obviously reflected a strong sense of respect and appreciation for his sensitive interpretation.”

-Danny Gaisin
  Ontario Arts Review

“The orchestra was conducted by Matthew Kraemer of the Buffalo Philharmonic. Demonstrating unanimity with his musicians as well as an obvious ease and connection with the audience, it was like having an old friend back for a visit. Truth is, this is his first concert with the H.P.O. and yet their performance under his baton surprisingly vivacious and exceptionally warm.”

-Danny Gaisin
  Ontario Arts Review

Dear Matthew,

I just received the recording… I feel that I have no words to thank you enough. These 8 minutes sound -and make me feel- so full! I was astounded! Things I never had heard before –and was almost sure I never would- came out so clearly, so transparently and dynamically. You have done really a top class job! It sounds as if you are from Pontus Asia Minor. Nerve, rhythm, character, accuracy, tension, intonation, guts, velvety brass layers when needed, …balance, smart tempi!! This is how it should be. Second day was even better in some very tricky passages. I am trying to imagine how it would be the third! Thank you for adopting some of the last changes too. This has been really very helpful for me. Many Congratulations -and also from my wife who is a great pianist- and for once more please accept my most sincere admiration and gratitude!!

Christos Papageorgiou